At Danish Aviation System are we collecting the brightest minds from all over the world with the vision of delivering world-class solutions and services for our clients.

Drone pilot training

We have established the first training center in Scandinavia with drones as the sole focus point. At our training facility can future drone pilots learn the how to plan and execute drone missions. The classes can vary from one-day introduction to longer time spans where more advanced areas a covered and where the student gains extensive skills within control and use of the drone.


As experts within a wide range of fields, such as drone legislation, drone business models, hardware and software development can we offer consultancy services.

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Recent media appearances

"Danish drones set out to explore the North Atlantic"

18. July 2014(Danish) Danish Aviation Systems and COWI set out to explore the North Atlantic. With a customized drone from Danish Aviation Systems, will the ice thickness in Alaska be measured, in the hope of finding better ship routes. Read more

Danish Aviation Systems create challenges for engineer students

22. May 2014(DANISH) The mix between theory and practice is important and therefor was Danish Aviation Systems selected to create practical challenges for the future engineers at DTU. Read more