Environmental researchers benefits of UAV

Somewhere above the sea ice in Alaska, United States of America, a UAV from Denmark will fly. The Danish UAV will fly for the benefits of the environment and the flight will begin in August

Environmental researchers benefits of UAV

The missions of the flights are:

  • Measure the thickness of the sea ice
  • Reconnaissance of shipping channels and routes
  • Keep track on oranges that simulates a oil pollution

The environmental research project is lead by Professor Peter Wadhams, Department of Applied Math and Theoretical Physics, at Cambridge University, in co-operations with US Coast Guard.

But the flights will be controlled by employees of the Danish department of COWI.

This important UAV is build, developed and delivered by Danish Aviation Systems, who is specialized in custom build of UAV and developed of aviation technology.

The preparation and the finish of the build of this UAV are very special both to Danish Aviation System and to the world.
This build of this UAV was special, due to request of features and expectations such as, safe and steady control signal, combined with a full exploitation of battery to keep the weight down and to power the features on this UAV. But this is a normal request of the UAVs made by Danish Aviation Systems.
The real reason why this build is unique is because it is the first drone with GPS and GLONASS receiver.

This means that the UAV can co-operate with an unmanned submarine. The strategic plan is that the UAV will fly 50-100 meter (160-330 feet) above the sea ice and measurer while it will follow the submarine by the GPS coordinates. By measuring from above and under the sea ice, the scientists and engineers will be provided with a lot of data that make very exact calculations of the thickness of the ice and the movement of the ice. This information will be used to reconnaissance shipping channels and routes to the icebreakers for freighters and other ships passing by the cost of Alaska.
While flying it will also be used in an environmental research of oil pollution by tracking oranges that will simulate what happens under arctic and cold environment and how to attenuate and clean the contamination.

1. August 2014

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