Danish Aviation Systems is ready for pre-orders for the Sensefly eXom.

The eXom is one of the most advanced drones for the civil professional market. The eXom is a sensor-rich system with the widest payload breadth of any civilian drone. Its stabilized TripleView sensor head allows you to examine high-definition video and thermal video imagery, live during your flight, and capture high-resolution still images on demand. All saved and accessible post-flight, and all without landing to change payloads.
11. May 2015
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Swift part II

3D printed airplane - part two
27. February 2015
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Swift part I

3D printed airplane - part one
24. February 2015
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SenseFly eBee drone human impact test

14th October, Tuesday afternoon we decided to make a video of a human impact test, which shows that a crash and/or landing of the eBee is not dangerous.
15. October 2014
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New-generation of the Sensefly UAVs

Sensefly is ready to release their version of a UAV with an All-in-One solution
7. October 2014
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Environmental researchers benefits of UAV

Somewhere above the sea ice in Alaska, United States of America, a UAV from Denmark will fly. The Danish UAV will fly for the benefits of the environment and the flight will begin in August
1. August 2014
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