Ebee AG - Agricultural drone

Precision agriculture with the Ebee AG. Collect aerial photography of up to 1,000 ha in a single flight at down to 3 cm precision. The eBee Ag has a flight time of up to 45 minutes, enabling it to cover up to 1,000 ha (2,470 ac) in a single flight. With its default 12 MP NIR camera it can shoot aerial imagery at a resolution of down to 2 cm/pixel. These images can then be transformed into orthomosaics (maps) and 3D elevation models with relative accuracy of down to 3 cm / 5 cm. It offers several

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    The world most popular mapping drone.
    The ebee is used all around the world for precise mapping and GIS applications.
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    The ebee is very easy to use
    Easy deployable in most conditions and environments.


The eBee Ag is supplied with a S110 NIR camera, plus you can add the S110 RE, the 110 RGB or the multiSPEC 4C.


Its artificial intelligence and robust lightweight construction ensure your drone will survive numerous flights, safeguarding your investment.


Select the area you want to map using our eMotion software, launch your drone, and the eBee Ag will fly, acquire images and land itself. 


Two advanced software packages are included: eMotion 2 (flight planning and control) and Postflight Terra 3D (photogrammetry) 

The eBee is lightweight enough to be launched by hand. It is fully autonomous during its entire flight. When it comes to landing, the eBee can either land in a circular clearing or, when space is limited, use its advanced ground sensing technology to make a fully autonomous straight-line landing.

The included eMotion 2 software lets you plan, simulate, monitor and control the trajectory of the eBee both before and during flight. With simple drag&drop actions you can designate the area to be mapped, generate a flight plan and with a single mouse click you can update your mission or return the eBee to its starting location.

With its 16MP high resolution camera, the eBee can capture images with a ground resolution of 3 to 30cm per pixel. Areas from 1.5 to 10km2 can be mapped in a single flight depending on image resolution and flight altitude. The eBee package includes Postflight Terra 3D (a fully automated 3D processing desktop software powered by Pix4D). After the initial data check in the field (overlap control and low resolution orthomosaic),Terra 3D automatically creates a precise geo-referenced orthomosaic and digital elevation model (DEM). Advanced users can further optimize their models through operator defined ground control points and seamlines.

  • 96cm wingspan
  • 630g take-off weight
  • 16MP camera, electronically
    integrated and controlled
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • 50 minutes of flight time
  • 36-57km/h (10-16m/s) cruise speed
  • Up to 45km/h (12m/s) wind resistance
  • Up to 3km radio link
  • Covers up to 1.5-10km2
  • eMotion 2
  • Ground sensor and reverse engine technology for linear landing
  • Postflight Terra 3D*

Danish Aviation Systems training center will make sure that you are being enabled to fully use and harvest the potential of the Ebee. A two-day training session give you the theoretical and practical foundation needed.

Our training center can host up to 14 students at a time and consist of elements such as software use, flight training, legislation and practical use.

When buying from Danish Aviation Systems you are secured highly skilled after sales support which make sure you gets the full potential out of your investment.

The eBee has a modular design, allowing the wings to be disassembled and stored with the central body and all its accessories in a small case. In fact the case is so small and lightweight that you can even take it as cabin baggage. The eBee will accompany you on all your projects.- IATA guidelines.

Some of the use cases within agriculture

Plant stress assessment


Chlorophyll indication


Senescence analysis


Biomass indication

Yield monitoring


And many more..