Custom Drones

As some of the first pioneers within drones for civil use have Danish Aviation Systems gained huge experience within development and production of customized UAVs for many use cases.

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A platform which suits the purpose

Multirotors are “helicopter” drones equipped with multiple rotors giving it higher stability, lifting capacity and more user friendly. We have delivered many different multirotor drones for a wide range of use cases such as firefighting, polar cap monitoring, air photography and environmental surveillance. We are experts in turn-key solutions consisting of drone, payloads, transportation equipment, ground controls, training which all can be customized to your specifications and challenges.

Fixed Wing drones (also known as flying wings) can generally carry less payload but often deliver much longer flight time from 45 minutes to several days and weeks. The fixed wings works especially well with lightweight sensors made with a specific use case in mind such as collection of air samples, orthophoto and agricultural management.

The payload is the one generating value

A drone without a payload is not much more useful than a toy. Our engineers and specialists have built a wide range of different payloads based on our customer’s specifications. Our expertise within payloads include bot does not limit to:

  • Infrared cameras
  • NIR cameras
  • Optical sensors
  • RGB cameras
  • Live HD transmission.

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