About Danish Aviation Systems

Dedicated to use cutting edge technology to solve business problems.

Some of our clients

  • Siemens
  • Fraunhofer
  • Cowi
  • Au

Danish Aviation Systems’ vision have been since day one been to be market leading within cutting-edge aviation solutions. Since the beginning in 2009 have Danish Aviation Systems proved to be a strong partner dedicated to solve critical problems but delivering innovative and high quality solutions.

We have today partnership with the biggest and most professional companies in the world and have a unique access to technology, knowledge and production capabilities.

Beside running the core business within development, research and selling of aviation solutions have Danish Aviation Systems proved to be market leader within Long Range Systems marketed under the brand TSLRS (Thomas Scherrer Long Range Systems) which today is the favourite brand for professional companies seeking the highest performance and stability.

Danish Aviation System is based in Denmark (Scandinavia) in one of the european most booming metro areas and have production in both mainland Europe, Asia and USA.

Did you know that..

Drones from Danish Aviation Systems's have been flying in all continents of the world.

Recent media appearances

"Danish drones set out to explore the North Atlantic"

18. July 2014(Danish) Danish Aviation Systems and COWI set out to explore the North Atlantic. With a customized drone from Danish Aviation Systems, will the ice thickness in Alaska be measured, in the hope of finding better ship routes. Read more

Danish Aviation Systems create challenges for engineer students

22. May 2014(DANISH) The mix between theory and practice is important and therefor was Danish Aviation Systems selected to create practical challenges for the future engineers at DTU. Read more

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